Stretched curd cheeses

Stretched curd cheeses are characterized by a manufacturing process that makes the paste particularly elastic.

Stretched curd cheeses, an all-Italian excellence

Typically Italian and originating from central and southern Italy, stretched curd cheeses are one of the many excellences of our country. The peculiarity of stretched curd cheeses consists in the fact that during processing the curd matures in the hot acidic whey for several hours, and is then pulled with the hands and stretched with wooden sticks by the cheesemaker. This process makes the paste particularly elastic and this is precisely what characterizes spun paste cheeses.

Our production of stretched curd cheeses takes place in compliance with the best tradition, without giving up modern technologies. It is the typical recipe that sees the use of simple and genuine ingredients such as whole milk, rennet and salt, the milk used is 100% Italian selected from the best farms in Lombardy and Northern Italy.

Here you will find the best Stretched curd cheeses!

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