Torta del Resegone

A mixed cheese produced in equal parts with cow’s and goat’s milk, with a cylindrical shape and a weight of about kg. 3,5.

Torta del Resegone

A mixed cheese made 50% with cow’s milk and 50 % with goat’s milk, Torta del Resegone has an uniform, compact paste of straw yellow color with almost non existing holes.

With a cylindrical shape, it is distinguished by an aroma which recalls the typical vegetation of the Resegone, the mount of the Imagna Valley from which takes its name. To the predominant sweet taste it associates, in the aftertaste, a very slight bitter hint, slightly aromatic. It’s made in cylindrical wheels with an average weight which varies from 3,5 to 4 Kg. Its commercialization takes place after an aging process of about 60 days.

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