Cheeses of the Bergamo tradition 2024

A story of passion and work, which began over 40 years ago in the Bergamo Valleys, places that tell of ancient dairy traditions,
pastoral activities and transhumances, of breeders and master cheesemakers who over time have led to the construction of a very lively bond
between the alpine valleys and the plains, transforming a subsistence economy into an economy capable of generating added value.

The flagship of our cheese factory is the production of the Branzi cheese that still nowadays continues with the well-known
“Il dolce Branzi Monaci” brand and with many other typical products. In our cheese factory we prepare, with care and passion,
cheese like Taleggio, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Butter. You can find all our products
in our outlet in Almenno San Salvatore and Pontida, as well as many shops in the province of Bergamo.


Milk is the fundamental raw material for the production of all our products,
for this reason we directly deal with the collection of raw milk from selected farmers.

Our pasteurized fresh whole milk is obtained from raw milk collected directly from selected stables in Lombardy.

Our artisanal butter is made exclusively with Italian milk; for the production of Valle Imagna Butter, very similar to mountain butter, only milk from the Imagna Valley is used.


Artisanal Butter UK

Handmade butter from our production, made with the best Italian milk. Compact and with a delicate taste, it’s ideal to eat raw.


Cow’s milk has always been the basis of the peasant diet of the Orobic valleys;
in the past every family kept a cow in the stable: “the Bergamina”.

The production of our cow cheeses is still carried out today in compliance with ancient artisan traditions and is based on the exclusive use of 100% Italian cow’s milk.
Our milk comes from the best stables in Lombardy and Northern Italy, in particular from the mountain areas of the Imagna Valley from which we collect much of our milk from local farmers.

Cow cheeses

Bésse de la Casera UK

The well-known soft paste cheese of the local tradition with DOP mark, soft and with a delicate milk flavor, without added additives.

Cow cheeses


Among the latest in our production, Braciere is a cheese derived from cow’s milk with half-cooked paste ideal on the griddle.

Cow cheeses


Feather in the cap in the range of the Monaci’s products, it’s considered the top of quality by industry experts.

Cow cheeses


Soft cheese with pasteurized cow’s milk, among the latest in our production, Monachella is a table cheese with a sweet taste.

Cow cheeses

Strachinél de Claness

Typical cheese of the territory, home-grown, Strachinél de Claness is a table cheese with a soft paste and pasteurized cow’s milk.

Cow cheeses

Taleggio DOP Monaci

Well-known soft paste cheese of the local tradition with DOP mark, soft and with a delicate milk flavor, without added additives.


Goat’s milk is an excellent food, capable of satisfying specific nutritional needs, it is well tolerated and highly digestible, rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamins.

Our goat cheeses are produced using exclusively pasteurized goat’s milk.
The dairy production based on goat’s milk is very rich and offers various types of cheeses, including hard cheeses such as Caprella and Dolcetto di Capra and soft cheeses such as Stracapra. Enriches our variety of goat’s cheeses the very delicate ricotta goat, ideal for various uses.

Goat cheeses


Hard cheese produced with pasteurized goat’s milk, It’s a table cheese very digestible, with a sweet, aromatic, persistent taste.

Goat cheeses


Cheese exclusively produced with goat’s milk, Delicapra comes up with a very particular triangular shape.

Goat cheeses

Dolcetto di Capra

Among the latest in the production of Casera Monaci, Dolcetto di Capra is a table cheese with a soft paste derived from goat’s milk.

Goat cheeses

Fiocco di capra

With uniform, compact paste, Fiocco di Capra has a sweet, characteristic taste of goat’s milk, with a very slight bitter hint.

Goat cheeses

Goat Ricotta

Dairy product based on goat’s milk whey and salt, lean and digestible, goat’s ricotta is rich in beneficial properties.

Goat cheeses


Among the latest innovations in our goat’s milk production, Stracapra is a soft table cheese, derived from pure goat’s milk.


Our dairy production also includes numerous fresh products based on 100% Italian milk from our direct collection.

Yogurt is produced with milk and ferments, offered plain or in fruity flavors with the addition of fruit jams; kefir is a delicious fermented drink made from cow’s milk, live lactic ferments and probiotic ferments, available plain or in 10 different flavours; the desserts, genuine and light, are puddings and table creams, based on fresh pasteurized milk.


Monaci Desserts

Desserts of our own production, delicious puddings and table creams, produced exclusively with 100% Italian milk from selected local farms.


Kefir to drink

Homemade drinking kefir made from 100% Italian cow’s milk with added probiotics, natural kefir or kefir in ten different fruity flavours.

Goat yogurt

Goat Yogurt

Our goat’s yogurt is prepared exclusively with Italian goat’s milk, ferments and with fruit jams based on taste.

Vaccine Yogurt

Cow Yogurt

The cow yogurt is produced exclusively with 100% Italian milk, coming from selected farms, thus guaranteeing maximum freshness and quality.


In our stores in Almenno San Salvatore and Pontida you can find, in addition to our own cheeses, a very rich assortment of food products, including over 50 types of local cheeses and DOP cheeses, high quality cured meats, typical Bergamo products and regional specialties; you can also choose from the best selections of rice, pasta, flours, oil, jams, preserves, honey, desserts, fresh pasta and much more.

The offer is completed by a very rich and careful selection of wines, sparkling wines, grappas and liqueurs.

Every day, always fresh, bread, fresh milk and yogurt from our production.

Tradition, Innovation and Quality

The culture and passion that we have always put into our work stimulate us to constantly progress in the name of tradition and innovation, always paying particular attention to the quality of our cheeses.

Enhancemente of the Territory and Typical Local Productions 

With respect for the territory and with the target of enhancing its excellence, we have chosen the short supply chain, promoting the consumption of typical products, inspiring us to a model of sustainable development, thanks to which we can give new life to local economies and enhance the territory of membership.